She was an icon of French music and fashion. An icon of the 60s.
On June 11, she left us, but her story will forever be tied to that of Rabanne. We’re talking about one of the most iconic muses of Mr. Rabanne: Françoise Hardy.

Hardy immediately became a sensation with her first single 'Tous les Garçons et les Filles.' Her sincere and melancholic ballads touched the hearts of her audience. Hardy gained fame as early as in 1962 as a prominent figure of the yé-yé musical movement and achieved cultural icon status in France and globally, thanks to her ability to sing not only in French but also in English, Italian, and German

In the 60s, the singer's path crossed with Mr. Rabanne's thanks to photographer Jean-Marie Périer. This was the beginning of a great story where the fragility of one was enhanced by the iconic creations of the other.

This surprising blend led, in May 1968, to one of the most remarkable dresses in the history of fashion. This ephemeral jewel-dress was made from gold plates encrusted with diamonds, requiring no less than 2000 hours of work. At that time, it was the most expensive dress ever created.

This dress, although legendary, was not the only Rabanne creation worn by the singer.
There were many others, including this metallic jumpsuit in 1968 and this handcrafted white look in 1996. The assemblage technique first used in the 60s has stood the test of time, as it is still used today by the House.


From the 60s to now, Françoise Hardy has never ceased to be a source of inspiration for the House. As seen in Julien Dossena's recent collections, her femininity and essence are still present.
Françoise Hardy embodies freedom par excellence. She never stopped practicing emancipation by following her instinct. Moreover, she was one of the first French artists to create her own music label in the 70s.
Both discrete, charismatic, melancholic, natural, elegant, and passionate— many words can define the woman who will forever be an icon.


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