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Rabanne was on the red carpet at Les Flammes ceremony in Paris. The second edition of the ceremony highlighted the artists shaping French Hip-Hop culture.

But wait.
To understand Rabanne's connection to music, we need to go back in time a bit.

When you think of Mr. Rabanne, you probably immediately think of his bold metallic creations! But did you know that Mr. Rabanne's legacy goes beyond that?

The 70’s marked the beginning of Rabanne's extraordinary journey with the opening of Black Sugar, the go-to spot for the Afro-Caribbean community in Paris.

Then, after an inspiring trip to New York, Rabanne brought back some hip-hop culture. In 1983, he opened the doors of Centre 57, a 3000m2 venue to host and support various aspects of hip hop art.

Centre 57 became the meeting point for many artists, such as JoeyStarr, Kool Shen, and MC Solaar. It's where the H.I.P H.O.P show, hosted by Sydney, came to life, making the Centre the first institutional hip-hop dance venue in France.

Unfortunately, in 1985, the Centre had to close its doors. But that didn't stop Rabanne's commitment.The house continued to support music, including Hip Hop culture by dressing stars like Aya Nakamura, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Laylow, Dinos, and Lala&ce.

And this year, for Les Flammes ceremony, Rabanne invited the artists attending the ceremony to Club 57. A club co-created with Spotify aimed at celebrating Centre 57 and emerging artists through an exclusive party. A party, once again, showcasing the connection between Rabanne and music.


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