How to Choose Your Perfume?


Author Patrick Süskind wrote in his novel « Perfume : The Story of a Murderer » about his main character: « He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men». Each Rabanne perfume is more than just a poetic, captivating, or exhilarating scent. There is a creative idea with transformative powers, a story, an identity, a desire, a strength, a magnetism, a true signature that transcends norms to reveal your personality and highlight it.
Rabanne perfumes are bold, unexpected, and well-structured, yet light-hearted, with the unique gift of leaving an indelible memory that marks the era. They break established codes to create something new and evoke strong emotions.
A perfume is also an object, a design with an aesthetic approach. At Rabanne, the bottle is as meticulously crafted and sublime as the fragrance it holds. Paco Rabanne, a visionary talent in fashion and beauty considered an Architect of Modernity, said, "Forty years ago, I already thought it was logical and complementary to bring perfumes into the world of couture." In line with this logic, each Rabanne bottle is an ode to audacity and design, the iconic playground of the house. Lines, materials, and metals intertwine with the scents. Remaining timeless while disrupting current trends is the signature of Rabanne perfumes.


Creating fragrances is a captivating and technical art where each scent tells a unique story and creates sensory encounters. Here is our guide to the olfactory pyramid to discover all the subtleties of the Rabanne perfume universe and better understand this subtle and enchanting world giving you the keys to choose a perfume or who knows : your signature perfume?


When you explore a perfume, you will notice that it evolves over time, revealing different facets of its character. These transformations result from the perfume notes, which unfold in three distinct stages. Simply put, it’s like an opera in three acts.

• Top Notes: These are the first olfactory impressions you perceive as soon as you spray the perfume. They are often fresh and lively to capture your attention and awaken your senses. Citrus notes like lemon and bergamot are common in this phase.

• Heart Notes: After a few moments, the heart notes reveal themselves, forming the emotional core of the perfume. They are softer and rounder than the top notes, offering a sense of warmth and depth. Floral, fruity, or spicy accords are often present in this stage.

• Base Notes: These represent the foundation of the olfactory pyramid. They form the base upon which the perfume rests. They emerge after some time, often hours after application, and are the most enduring. Elements like sandalwood, musk, or vanilla provide a lasting and enveloping base. So now, to the question : How to choose a perfume ? You have the basic knowledge to help you in this lonely quest.


Rabanne fragrances are both evolving and long-lasting. They leave a true imprint, known as a "signature scent." Depending on your mood or the weather, you can navigate between the different intensities of Rabanne trails.

• Eau de Toilette is a light and refreshing option, ideal for daily use or hot weather. It offers a subtle fragrance that generally lasts a few hours.

• Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration than Eau de Toilette. This translates to a more intense and long-lasting fragrance, perfect for evening use or winter.
• Perfume has the highest concentration. It offers a luxurious, voluptuous, and long-lasting experience. A few drops are enough to envelop your skin in an irresistible and intense scent.

So, if you are looking for a perfume that stays with you all day, opt for a high concentration like Eau de Parfum or Perfume. Conversely, if you prefer freshness and lightness, Eau de Toilette will be your best ally.


Finding your signature perfume can take a minute or years. The olfactory crush can vary depending on your desires, what you wear, the season, or even your age. The best way to discover and know your tastes (floral, woody, oriental ...) in terms of perfume is to test the scents on your skin.

You now have the keys to choosing the perfect fragrance: one that will accompany you day or night in your loveliest or wildest adventures and will never let you down. Let yourself be carried away by the unique Rabanne scents that transport you to new sensory horizons while adding that irresistible touch of "je ne sais quoi" and avant-garde.


Rabanne's olfactive creations are iconoclastic odes to audacity, freedom, seduction, flamboyance, and mystery. Their distinctive and radical yet always resolutely positive energy gives them real transformative powers. Those who wear a Rabanne fragrances are memorable. Here is an overview of the iconic signatures of the House to make sur you can easily choose online you perfume.


In 2008, the launch of 1 MILLION cologne, an iconic fragrance, revolutionised the world of men's perfume. Paco Rabanne said, "Gold is the symbol of power, royalty, something deeply virile". 1 MILLION is the quintessence of this. It screams : « Be Flamboyant »! This spicy and fresh fragrance with warm amber-leather notes, blood mandarin, and peppermint is for those who know life's too short to follow all the rules. It is a scent for a real gentlemen that can beguile and seduce while living on the edge. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, a world known French sculptor and designer was inspired by Paco Rabanne's architectural and metallic universe to create a gold lingot-shaped bottle, both massive and precious, an object of desire and cult. Today, 1 MILLION is the most desired perfume in the world! And now, you know why.

• Top Notes: blood mandarin, peppermint
• Heart Notes: rose absolute, cinnamon
• Base Notes: leather, amber

Two years later, LADY MILLION made a dramatic entrance into the realm of great perfumes! Encapsulated in a diamond-shaped bottle, LADY MILLION is the ultimate fresh yet sensual woody floral fragrance. Adresses women who play with fire and obey no one, it is for those who are not afraid of vertigo and know how to provoke luck.

• Top Notes: neroli, bitter orange, raspberry
• Heart Notes: orange blossom absolute, jasmine absolute, gardenia
• Base Notes: patchouli, honey


FAME perfume is bursting with precious ingredients. A truly irresistible scent radiating joy and audacious sensuality. A delicate Eau de Parfum , the pinnacle of fruity floral Chypre. Its olfactory signature combines airy jasmine with succulent mango and addictive creamy incense. Irresistibly Parisian, Fame celebrates a new era of femininity. Playful. Sensual. Assertive. Quintessence of Rabanne's avant-garde style, the bottle mirrors the brand’s most iconic chainmail dress. The perfume of modern icons.

• Top Notes: mango accord, bergamot, mandarin
• Heart Notes: jasmine, custom incense trio, sandalwood
• Base Notes: vanilla, patchouli, dreamwood

PHANTOM cologne is the "feel-good" perfume by excellence. It is a pure essence of self-confidence, fuelled by positive energies, a real signature scent that disrupts norms. Emblematic of the new generation of aromatic perfumes, this juice maximises innovation and creativity. Its ingredients are meticulously selected to boost self-assurance and enhance the seduction and energy. Its addictive trail marries the vertical freshness of lemon and vetiver with ultra-creamy lavender and woody vanilla. Born in 2021, this French-made perfume is formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients such as organic lavender absolute, Haitian vetiver, or Italian lemon.

• Top Notes: lemon, rhubarb, creamytone
• Heart Notes: lavender 3.0, sage
• Base Notes: vanilla, patchouli, vetiver


FAME INTENSE is a woody, floral, and spicy Eau de Parfum that is both sensual and assertive, embodying the quintessence of luxury and modernity. Its intensity is really powerful.
• Top Notes: coconut water, Italian bergamot, pink pepper
• Heart Notes: custom incense trio, ylang-ylang, solar jasmine
• Base Notes: sandalwood cream, mineral musk, cedar wood

PHANTOM INTENSE captures the vibrant energy of Paris at dusk and invites you to explore new territories. An exceptional blend of the best ingredients from the "amber aromatic" family, this juice combines lavender and vanilla with a subtle touch of orange blossom.
• Top Notes: iced orange blossom accord, lemon, cardamom
• Heart Notes: lavender, clary sage, rum absolute
• Base Notes: vanilla bean, cedar wood, modern moss


FAME PARFUM is a woody and floral juice that belongs to the "Chypre" family fragrances, an intense blend of sensual jasmine, hypnotic incense, and mysterious musk that transforms every woman into a true icon. Its intensity is maximal.
• Top Notes: mango accord, pink pepper, bergamot
• Heart Notes: jasmine trio, incense, patchouli
• Base Notes: moss, musk, benzoin, sandalwood

PHANTOM PARFUM is the essence of fiery masculinity, fuelled by ardent passions, revealing a seductive aura. Its woody and amber scent, inspired by the different facets of modern masculinity, combines lavender, vanilla, and vetiver.
• Top Notes: bergamot, lemon, rhubarb, cardamom
• Heart Notes: lavender 3.0 trio, geranium, patchouli, cedar wood
• Base Notes: vanilla bean, tolu balsam, vetiver



In 2013, INVICTUS cologne revisited the myth of success and captured the essence of the hero. It is the perfume of victory, a true aromatic shock balancing between biting freshness and magnetic warmth. Two irresistible forces, one true attraction no one can resist. Success was immediate!
• Top Notes: grapefruit, bay leaf,
• Heart Notes: marine accord, orange blossom
• Base Notes: gaïac wood, patchouli, gray amber accord

OLYMPÉA was born in 2015 and immediately became an absolute icon thanks to its salty and sensual vanilla notes. It belongs to the "amber-fresh" fragrance family, known for their subtle and charming power.
• Top notes: green mandarin, jasmine
• Heart notes: cashmeran, ginger flower
• Base notes: grey amber, sandalwood, salty vanilla


INVICTUS AQUA is an emblematic fragrance initially launched in 2016, making a comeback in 2024 due to public demand. This intense dive into the aquatic depths of Invictus leaves an ultra-fresh woody amber trail. Its vibrant marine accord contrasts with the freshness of grapefruit and the sensuality of amber woods in a divine olfactory clash.
• Top notes: grapefruit zest, yuzu, pink pepper
• Heart notes: violet leaves, marine accord
• Base notes: amber wood, gray amber accord, guaiac wood

INVICTUS PLATINUM is a powerful masculine Eau de Parfum from the "Woody Aromatic" family, composed as a sensory clash between energetic freshness and the intensity of woody lavender.
• Top notes: absinthe, grapefruit
• Heart notes: lavandin, cypress
• Base notes: oak moss, patchouli

1 MILLION GOLDEN OUD is a fragrance as precious as gold, enriched with the most noble ingredients in perfumery. A new powerful blend combining enchanting sandalwood and spicy leather, revealing your majesty.
• Top notes: bergamot, saffron, nutmeg, black pepper
• Heart notes: sandalwood, patchouli
• Base notes: leather accord, oud accord, cedar

PACO RABANNE POUR HOMME was released in 1973. A pioneer in the aromatic fern « green scent » family, this virile and subtle perfume quickly became an icon of international perfumery.
• Top notes: bergamot, lavender, thyme, tarragon
• Heart notes: sage, geranium, clove
• Base notes: tobacco, oak moss

CALANDRE is the first fragrance created by Paco Rabanne in 1969. A true experimental revolution that combines the charm of rose with metal. This avant-garde feminine scent belongs to the floral and powdery aromas family. The design of its bottle is actually inspired by the architecture of the UN building in New York.
• Top notes: lemon, aldehydes, geranium
• Heart notes: rose, jasmine, lily of the valley
• Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, musk


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