How to Apply Eyeshadow?


Mood & Personality

All eyes on you with Rabanne Eyeshadows!
Rabanne's Mini Palettes offer a vibrant range of 10 eyeshadow duos and four unique finishes (metal, matte, sparkle, and gloss) designed to express your emotions and unleash your creativity, no matter your mood. Rabanne Fashion fabrics are translated into long-lasting, ultra-pigmented, multi-use textures to adorn your eyelids with unique finishes : matte leather, metal foil, sparkling lustre & gloss vinyl. The colours and finishes of our eyeshadows provide an endless playground for those who want to shine from day to night! The vegan formula of our Mini Palettes ensures up to 10 hours of radiant colour and comfort, without any fall-out.

Enhance Your Look

Each Mini Palette contains two complementary shades and textures. With our four different eyeshadow textures (metal, matte, sparkle, and gloss), you can play with colours and styles. Whether you prefer a one gliding stroke finger application or enjoy creating modular or sophisticated looks, every Mini Palette is unique and offers a wardrobe of vibrant colours and effects. Our Mini Palettes have been designed as desirable collectible beauty accessories...

Focus on textures

Each texture offers a specific effect. Depending on your desire, you can play with textures by applying them to specific areas.

Metal: A finish made of metallic powders with ultra-pigmented, intense colours. Apply this texture to the centre of your eyelids to catch the light.

Sparkle: Like a pearly veil with vibrant colour and a sparkling lustre finish. Delicate and soft like satin, the Sparkle texture is your best ally to illuminate your look. Apply it to the inner corner of your eyelid or the entire lid for added intensity.

Matte: Experience the sensation of wearing ultra-pigmented, vibrant colour with a soft leathery finish. Matte texture adds depth to your look when applied as a base on the eyelid.

Gloss: A crystal effect with a cool gel-like texture for a shiny, transparent, or pigmented vinyl effect. Add this ultra-glossy wet-look texture for an ultra-creative and glamorous look.


Different Types of Looks


The "Nude" or "no makeup makeup" trend aims to enhance your natural beauty. Achieve an instant glow and luminous look by playing with Nude shades that match your skin tone. Mini Palettes "Date Night," "All Light on Me," and "Put a Ring on It" offer shades from light beige to deep brown, including pink, with melting and buildable textures for an irresistible iridescent effect.

Fashion Tip: Match your eyeshadow colour to your outfit for a subtle colour reminder. For the final touch, explore Rabanne lipsticks to find your signature nude, matte, or shiny lipstick.


Mini Palette - Date Night
Mini palette - Put A Ring On It
Mini Palette - All Lights


Bold and striking, metallic makeup is an essential trend. Rabanne, the metal expert, has created the Mini Palette for those who want to wear the iconic finish of the house on their eyes. "Iconic" is the must-have metallic and sparkle duo with its Gold and Silver shades. Mix gold and silver as you wish for a dazzling effect. Dare to try ultra-pigmented blue and silver with the "Midnight Lights" Mini Palette to feel like a Sapphire Queen. The "Hey Sunshine" Mini Palette offers warm metallic copper and gold tones for a precious effect on your eyes.

Final Makeup Tip: Enhance your looks with our Colorshot eyeshadows.


Mini Palette - Midnight Lights


For those wanting to follow the biggest hit Pop trend, check out the Mini Palettes "Macaron," "Opposites Attract," and "Digital Dream." Whether you prefer cool or warm tones, sparkle, metal, or gloss vinyl effects, you're sure to find your future favourite bold and colourful palette.


Mini Palette - Macaron
Mini Palette - Les Opposés S'Attirent


In Fashion and Beauty, black is a timeless yet bold classic, guaranteeing style and attention. Whether you love smoky-eye makeup: soft smoky, intense smoky, grunge smoky, or the elegant and hypnotic black eyeliner, the "Back to Black" Mini Palette is your essential makeup accessory.


Mastering Eyeshadow Application: Our Guide

Master the art of applying eyeshadow to transform your look in no time. Designed for fun with colours, our eyeshadow duos reinvent the powder experience with innovative textures and finishes. The eyeshadows blend evenly on the lids, whether applied with fingers for a sensory experience or with a brush for more precision.

Application Tips

Define and Intensify: Use matte or sparkle shades to define your lash line, intensify the outer corner of your eye, or sculpt the crease. These shades provide the perfect base for building your look.

Illuminate and Accentuate: Apply metal or glossy shades to the inner corner of the eye, the centre of the eyelid, or the brow bone. These shades add brightness and radiance to your look.

Experiment and Layer: Don't be afraid to mix or layer multiple shades from the Rabanne Mini Palettes. This approach allows you to create unique and personalized effects, tailored to your style and preferences.

Handbag Palettes

Handbag Palettes - Unnatural world
Handbag palette - PARADISE LOST
Handbag Palette - Feel my vibe


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